MT Trade & Industry

MT Trade & Industry

Who Are We.
A team of people with years of experience in area of machine ware washing, laundry and housekeeping specializing within the institutional and hospitality industry.
MT Trade & Industry provides not only the products and equipments but also consultancy, training and expertise to ensure a professional set up to meet today's sanitation standards. 
Our key products include:
Chemical / enzymes dispensing equipment - peristaltic pumps & controls: Used in dishwashers, commerical laundries and bio- water treatment.
Commercial Warewashing Equipment: MT Trade & Industry is proud to be DIHR's exclusive distributor ( in the South East Asia Region.
Consultancy: With our years of experience, we are able to provide the total setup for commercial kitchen sanitation, laundry setups and garment washing plants. 
Apart from the sales of our current range of peristaltic pumps and equipments, we also customisation and component sales to suit the ever changing needs of our customers.
Why Us?
MT Trade and Industry strives to provide top quality products with key components sourced from Taiwan and Japan, yet at affordable pricing. This will give our customers high savings in operational and mechanical costs. 
Our current list of customers includes both commercial MNCs as well as governmental stat boards companies with presence in different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China and India.  


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